2017 40K Results

2017 Fantasy Results

Age of Sigmar

AOS Overall:                       Curtis Cluett

AOS 2nd Overall:                Harry Kwon

AOS 3rd Overall:                 Zachary Churcher

AOS Best Painted:            Jonathan Green

AOS General:                     Michael Vaganos

AOS Sportsman:               Paul Conti  

AOS Smoking Boots:       Chris O’Brien

AOS Best Table:                 Jonathan Green

9th Age


9th Age Overall:                 Chris Mince

9th Age 2nd Overall:          Jeremy Gottschalk

9th Age 3rd Overall:           Corey Reynolds

9th Age Best Painted:      Mikki Hansen

9th Age General:                 David Meachen

9th Age Sportsman:          Jeremy Fay

9th Age Smoking Boots:  Wiatt Suich  

9th Age Best Table:           Drew Saxton

8th Ed Fantasy


Blood Bowl

Champion Andrew Webber

Most Touchdowns Matt Maggitti

Master Stunty Adam Fasoldt

2016 Fantasy Results

9th Age Results

OVERALL       Corey Reynolds

2nd Place Matt Maggitti

3rd PlaceWiatt Siuich

Best GeneralMatt Maggitti 

Best Painted       Mikki Hansen

Best Opponentand SMOKING BOOTS  Drew Saxto

Age of Sigmar

OVERALL      Curtis Cluett

2d Place Chris Hanes

3rd PlaceNeil Burn-Morales

Best Painted       Brian McMillen

Best Opponent John Tooley

Best GeneralChris Hanes

SMOKING BOOTS  Zach Churcher


ORDER  was Victorious!  Order won the game with 13 victory points.  Destruction had 9 VPS.  

MVP ORDER: Dan Traina

MVP Destruction Jason McMurray

Best Painted Rich Salamone

Misfire Award Joe Svoboda

40K Singles Results

Best Overall Skylar Petrovich

2nd Overall Burton Wright

3rd Overall David Koszka

Best General Joseph Langan

2nd General Greg Sparks

Best Painted Burton Wright

2nd painted Dave Koszka

Best Sportsman Eric Hobin

2nd sports Jordan Wood

Favorite Table Kris Wenner (Mario World)

Players Choice Chris Mollink (Traitor Guard)

Average Joe Evant Yount

Average Joe 2 Riley Maxwell

Smoking Boots Chris Roberts