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THESE ARE THE RULES AND DETAILS FOR 2018 . 2019 rules and details have not yet been posted.

The Da Boyz Singles Warhammer 40K Grand Tournament will be Saturday and Sunday November 9th-10th 2019.   

There will be 5 games with 200 Battle Points available to be scored for the 5 Games. The Overall score will include Painting and Sportsmanship scores.

This event will be an ITC Ranked event.

We will be using custom missions for this event.



Points Total: 2000

Detachment Limit: 3

All Match Beta Rules will be used for this event. 

Under strength units are not allowed.  

We will be active judging this event.

Rules released after October 21 st will  not be allowed.

FAQs released up until (and including) October 21st will be used. FAQ’s released after that will not be used.

We will be using the ITC Rankings for this event.

ARMY LIST ARE DUE BY October 27 th  for review.

For questions or to submit your list please email us at daboyzrocGT@gmail.com Please be sure to title your email "40K Question" (or "list " with your name in the title) . The Da Boyz email address gets up to 200 army lists submitted in some years help us out by titling carefully!

Check out additional event coverage on Twitter @Khornelord and #DaBoyzGT

Additional discussion also available at our Facebook page:

Players Pack

Alcohol Policy

We will have a private bar for attendees open in the afternoon on Friday, and Saturday. Outside alcohol is not allowed in public areas of the hotel including the gaming hall.    We expect participants to drink responsibly.    

Best Table

Players are welcome to compete for our Best Table award.   You will need to bring in a tables worth of scenery. We will have a limited number of mats available for player provided terrain so you may want to bring your own to match your theme.     40K players will vote for their favorite table in the 40K event.   Please bring a small placard (i.e. index card) indicating your name and theme.    If you are interested in competing for this award please let us know.