These were our 2017 Rules.  2018 rules are not yet available


Da Boyz Grand Tournament 2017 9th Age Rules

This will be a 2 day 5 game event on Saturday and Sunday November 18th-19th. 

Army Construction and List Submission

This event uses the  9th Age Fantasy Battles 1.3 Rules Set. All army books and rules can be found at    We are NOT using the “quickstarter” rules.   We will use any version 1.3 updates up until October 1st.    Please download a copy of the rules and your army book before October 1st in cases of changes in the rules set after that date.   

You may submit an army of up to 4500 points value.   Please indicate on your army list all Paths for Wizards, magic items and other upgrades.   There are a number of excellent army builder programs available that work for the 9th Age. However you should independently confirm that the points and stats in that tool   are correct for the version of the rules in place as of October 1st 2017.

Sample Army Builders

Quartermaster for iOS (Templates can be googled under Quartermaster Templates) (not full updated for 1.3)


Army lists should be submitted by October 20th via email at Please be sure to title your email "9th Age List ."  The Da Boyz email address gets up to 200 army lists submitted yearly  help us out by titling carefully!   Late lists will receive a penalty to their overall score.   If you register after October 20th your list is due when you register and you will receive the late list penalty.

We will be playing ‘open list’ so bring at least 5 copies of your list to provide to your opponents.  This list should include points and stats.    

Missions will be largely based on standard deployments and secondary objectives per the 1.3 rule book.    See here for the likely scenarios (may be subject to change prior to event): 

Players Pack (may be subject to change prior to event: 



If you have questions about the event please email us at    (please include 9th Age in your email title)

Check out additional event coverage on Twitter @Khornelord and #DaBoyzGT

 Additional discussion also available at our Facebook page:

House Rule

Wood elves are allowed to bring a free forest but this must be a fully painted and appropriately modeled piece of terrain no larger then 6 inches in diameter.


Modeling and Painting Standards

1.    We do not require painted models but we strongly encourage it. 

2. The Ninth Age specifies base sizes in the rules.  We expect players to attempt to follow these specifications.  A spare empty base can be used if necessary for measurement if your model is mis based under the current rules. 

3.    Conversions are encouraged but should be clear for your opponent. There should be no “modelling for advantage” If there is some question please email us (with a picture) and we’ll take a look.  

4.    Proxies should be clear to your opponent in the context of your army.   Goblin wolf riders should   not be used as orc boar riders for example.      If it’s not clear the judges can and will remove it from the table for the rest of the event.  Play the list you have the models for.

Alcohol Policy

We will have a private bar for attendees open in the afternoon on Friday, and Saturday. Outside alcohol is not allowed in public areas of the hotel including the gaming hall.    We expect participants to drink responsibly.    We reserve the right to ask participants to leave if our alcohol policy is broken.



For the Da Boyz GT we believe that all three parts of being a hobbyist are important – how good of a general you are, how good your army looks and how well you manage to give your opponents a good game.  If you attend this event realize we want people who are here to have a great time with others.  

There will be multiple award categories:

Best General: Highest total battle points

Best Army: Highest combination of judge and player graded scores for presentation

Best Sports:  Highest sportsmanship score

Overall Champion: Highest total score in all three of the above categories.

Best Table: See separate section.  

Painting will be scored by judges using a scoring rubric.  We anticipate the typical grand tournament army will receive a score in the 12-14 range with scores capped at a maximum of 25. 

Games will be worth up to 20 points each. 

Our Sportsmanship will be scored on a binary per game and favorite opponent basis after round 4. We expect most players to get at least 10 points and the highest player in the room 20 points.  

Best Table

Players are invited to compete for our Best Table award.  We know you are creative and talented from your armies lets see what you can do with terrain!  You will need to bring in a tables worth of scenery. We will have a limited number of mats available for player provided terrain so you may want to bring your own to match your theme.     Players will vote for their favorite table at the end of Round 4.   Please bring a small placard (i.e. index card) indicating your name and theme.    If you are interested in competing for this award please let us know.