Age of Sigmar Da Boyz Grand Tournament 2018  Rules  

This will be a 2 day 5 game event on Saturday and Sunday November 10th-11th.  Our rules will be updated after the release of Age of Sigmar 2nd edition.    We anticipate having a draft rules set available approximately 1 month after the release.    

This event sold out last year so get your registration in early to be sure to get a spot!  Cost of registration will go up on September 9th.

Results of this event will be submitted for ITC rankings.  

Army Lists and General Rules

Army lists are due October 26th and should be submitted to the address.  Please be sure to title your email"AoS List" with your name.    Your army list must indicate whom is your general, artifacts, prayers, allegiance abilities, and any other items.   These may not change over the course of the event.    Late lists will receive a penalty to their overall score.  If you register after October 24th your list is due the day you register and you will receive the late list penalty.

Lists will be up to 2000 points (may change after release of 2nd edition)  using the Matched Play points values and restrictions found in Generals Handbook 2018 or the Warhammer Age of Sigmar App.    You may also use the point values from Forgeworld, current Compendium or a Battletome released after the most recent Generals Handbook and before October 26th.    You must use the most recently published version of any Warscroll you are fielding whether this is in print or online. 

Summoning and reinforcement rules will be determined after the release of Age of Sigmar 2nd edition.   In the past we had a house rule which units you choose to summon do not need to be decided prior to the event.  You do however have to tell your opponent what units you have with you available to be summoned. 

Forgeworld units are allowed.  You must either use the actual model from Forgeworld or have asked us to review your planned proxy before the event.  In general we prefer you to use the actual model.   For all Forgeworld units you must  provide a copy of the rules to your opponent.  

 Allegiance Abilities from Blight War and Firestorm are not allowed for this event.  

Most players are using the Warhammer App with the "AZYR" list building upgrade,  however you can find a free online army builder with points at  Click Access Warscroll Builder.  Irrespective of the tool you use to build your list you are responsible however for checking the accuracy of the list.

Bring five copies of your army list to be shared with your opponents.

Players Packs, Scenarios, and FAQ's  will be updated prior to the event.   


Games will be worth 0-20 points each and will have scenario driven primary and secondary objectives.   You will have to capture objectives to win matches.   Please play out your round to the finish as even while losing a player may be able to achieve some points. 

Painting will be scored by judges using a scoring rubric.  We anticipate most armies  will likely receive a score in the 12-14 range with scores capped at a maximum of 25. Sportsmanship will be scored on a binary per game and favorite opponent basis.  We expect the average player to achieve at least 10 points and the highest score in the room to be a max of 20 points.

There will be multiple award categories.  A player will only receive one award except for   Best Table which may be won along with another award.  

Best General: Highest total battle points

Best Army: Highest combination of judge and player graded scores for presentation

Best Sports:  Highest sportsmanship score

Overall Champion: Highest score in all three of the above categories.Best Table:  See below separate section.

House Rules

Measure from base to base or the highest point on the model.

Terrain will either have predefined rules or will be specifically indicated to as Mysterious Terrain be rolled for by players.   

Terrain will be placed prior to the start of the event you may reset in a mutually acceptable manner it if you think it was moved prior to your game. 

Terrain CANNOT be placed on top of or within 3 inches of an objective marker.  Players may not summon a Balewind Vortex within 9” of any objective.   Please also see notes in Modeling and Painting Standards on  terrain rules.  “Named” Characters such as Durthu, Archaon etc. are unique and are limited to one per army.

Games will last  5 turns  or until time runs out.  When the timer goes off means dice down and determine the winner of the game. You can stop early but you can not finish late.    

Models that can not be attacked can not score objectives (i.e. the Changeling.)    Carrion models are unable to hold objectives unless they have been on the ground since the end of the previous battle turn (the bottom of the most recent turn). This allows you to be on the ground at the end of the turn, and then if you win the Priority Roll you are able to score.

Modeling and Painting Standards

All models must be painted to a minimum three color standard, and bases must be flocked.   If you have unpainted models you will be asked to remove them.   Colored spray prime, a few spot colors and GW washes  or Army Painter Dip can meet these minimum standards fairly quickly.


Bases can either be round or square.  While we will allow square based models you should use the current official suggested  base size in terms of determining which models can attack.    If it is currently not sold with a round/square base you should use the Games Workshop suggested base size chart released with 2nd edition.  

Conversions are encouraged but should be clear for your opponent.  If in doubt send us some pictures to review. 

Proxies are allowed but should not be from ranges that might cause confusion.  

Player brought terrain must be fully painted to be fielded.  Any terrain must be the actual GW model no proxies allowed, minor conversions of a GW piece to customize it are allowed.  

Forgeworld models should either be the actual GW model or have been previously approved by our team.

Best Table

Players are invited to compete for our Best Table award.  We know you are creative and talented from your amazing armies lets see what you can do with terrain!  You will need to bring in a tables worth of scenery.  We will have a limited number of mats available for player provided terrain so you may want to bring your own to match your theme.     Players will vote for their favorite table at the end of Round 4.   Please bring a small placard (i.e. index card) indicating your name and theme.  For an AoS table we recommend printing appropriate warscrolls if any for your supplied terrain or indicating what features are Mysterious.     If you are interested in competing for this award please let us know so we can save a table for you.   

Stay Connnected

If you have questions about the event please email us at    (please include Age of Sigmar in your email title.)

Check out additional event coverage on Twitter @Khornelord and #DaBoyzGT

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Alcohol Policy

We will have a private bar for attendees open in the afternoon on Friday, and Saturday. There is also a hotel bar open in the evenings after our bar is closed.    While you are free to eat or drink in your own room, please note outside alcohol  and food are  not allowed in public areas of the hotel including the gaming hall.    We expect participants to drink responsibly.