The Da Boyz Grand Tournaments and Gaming Event is a three day fun filled miniatures gaming event located in Rochester New York.   We offer three days of wall to wall gaming packed with team and singles events in a variety of game systems including Warhammer 40K,  Age of Sigmar, the 9th Age, Blood Bowl,  Warhammer Fantasy:8th edition and X Wing.   Evenings are spent playing board games.   We have changed locations to a larger hotel this year with plenty of room to hang out, game, eat and drink.

 DaBoyz 2012 (University of Rochester)

DaBoyz 2012 (University of Rochester)


  • 3 Days of gaming fun.  Multiple gaming systems over three days including 2 day Grand Tournaments as well as one day  events.  
  • There are two restaurants in the hotel  serving a variety of great food, from tavern grub to fine dining.  
  • We will have a bar next to the gaming hall just for us, and a bar in the restaurants open in the evening.  


In 2017 lunch will NOT be included in the cost of your registration.  There are two restaurants on site and our hotel is close to a number of great restaurants.