Saturday and Sunday 40K Singles, and Age of Sigmar Grand Tournaments are now full but wait list space is available. We always get people in off the wait list every year. Friday events are open at this time. Email us at to be added to wait list. Kings of War weekend Grand Tournament has reserved non wait list slots that are accessible by emailing us as well.

Refunds on registration  will be allowed  until 1159 PM on October 8th.   After that we will not refund registration.  

Participants list (intermittently updated):

Saturday and Sunday events.

40 K Singles - Wait list email us as above cost will be $70 when a spot opens.

Age of Sigmar Wait list email us as above cost will be $60 when a spot opens.

Kings of War There are reserved spots still available email us as above cost will be $60.


40K Doubles FRIDAY  Tournament  $25 per player

Each player on the team must pay and register

Doubles Player Name
Team Name

Blood Bowl FRIDAY Tournament  $20

Blood Bowl Player Name




Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire FRIDAY Grand Clash  $15

Shadespire Player Name




Blood and Plunder

Register via email to

Registration fee $5 paid in cash at the event, but please preregister via the above email to ensure there is room for all interested players